Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nigeria: Head-On Crash Between Two Buses Leaves 32 Dead

According to AP, an estimated 32 people were killed earlier today (February 16) when two buses had a head-on collision in the northern state of Bauchi, both which were driving too fast in a "road work" area. Upon impact, the buses became inflamed, causing a greater level of death for the occupants.

COMMENT: As in many developing countries, roads in Nigeria are in terrible condition with non-existent traffic enforcement. According to WHO (World Health Organization), is the third worst country for traffic fatalities, behind behind China and India, who are in first and second place, respectively.

In my 2008 book, STAYING SAFE ABROAD: TRAVELING, WORKING AND LIVING IN A POST-9/11 WORLD, I devote an entire chapter to "Roadway Accidents: A Major Concern," and mention that the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) sells the most complete country reports on driving abroad of any source. See

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