Friday, February 24, 2012

The Philippines: Two French Tourists Lose Gold Necklaces to Snatch-and-Grabbers

Earlier this week, two female French tourists, while walking in the vicinity of Roxas Boulevard and P. Burgos St. in Ermita, Manila, had gold necklaces they wore ripped from their necks by two men who approached them asking for money, a typical pretense used by street criminals.

COMMENT: The two women, one 55 and the other 63, who were staying at the Picasso Hotel in Makati City, were preoccupied in looking at a map when the two men approached.

After asking for money, the suspects demanded their necklaces, at which point both women refused, only to have their necklaces forcibly pulled from their necks. The suspects then fled on foot.

As many of our regular readers will recall from my previous postings, wearing expensive or expensive-looking jewelry (i.e., watches, earrings, etc.) in developing countries with high rates of street crime (like the Philippines) is not a good idea.

It is not even a good idea for foreigners to wear "knock-off" or counterfeit watches with the Rolex brand, as at a distance, it is difficult to determine whether they're genuine or not.

Also, a dead giveaway to label oneself as a newcomer, is to be be looking at a map in public. Consequently, it is far better to look at maps in the safety of a hotel or coffee shop, rather than to subject oneself to being viewed by criminals.

Additionally, before leaving your hotel, ask for the help of the concierge to mark where you are are where you're wanting to go.

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