Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thailand: Australian Couple Involved in Motorcycle Crash in Phuket, Wife Dies

The wife of a an Australian tourist died earlier today (February 25) and her husband injured when the motorcycle they were riding at roughly 0330 hours inadvertently hit a vendor stall while descending Patak Road, the Karon Hill road, towards Chalong Circle.

Two Thais were also injured in the accident who were riding another motorcycle.

COMMENT: Police have not yet determined which of the Australians was in control of their motorcycle, although bystanders who witnessed the accident and took the Australian couple to Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City noted a strong smell of alcohol and said the woman was not wearing a safety helmet.

The man seriously injured while riding the other motorcycle, Siriwat Patkor, is now being treated in Phuket International Hospital.

The vendor whose stall was hit by the couple,
Kewadee Jailak and was treated at Vachira Phuket and allowed to leave, said he could not afford the 2000 baht (US$65) medical bill.

As most of our readers know from my previous postings involving motorcycle and motorbike accidents in Phuket, the human carnage has been rising for months because of the continuing failures of the Thai government to crack down on the use of such vehicles.

Unfortunately, those who rent such vehicles out to inexperienced, unlicensed drivers and those who ride them without any concern for the safety of others (when they fail to wear safety helmets, obtain training on how to ride these vehicles and or who carelessly ride them while intoxicated), are both at fault.

Principally, though, it is the Thai government that looks the other way as long as tourist dollars flow into Phuket.

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