Friday, February 10, 2012

Three South Korean Tourists, Egyptian Guide Kidnapped in the Sinai

Bedouin tribesmen appear to think that if you kidnap foreign tourists once, and get lots of notoriety and attention, why not do it again?

Consequently, earlier today (February 10) threee South Korean tourists and their Egyptian guide were once again abducted by Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula.

The tourists and their guide were destined to the historic monastery of St. Catherine when they were seized; the kidnappers are
demanding the release of fellow tribesmen held by the authorities

COMMENT: This kidnapping follows the brief abduction of two American women and their Egyptian tour guide by armed Bedouin in the peninsula last week, after which 19 Egyptian police officer were seized on Thursday (February 9) after a tribesman was killed in a shoot-out with police near the border with Israel. How could 19 police officers be kidnapped? By how many assailants?

The sparsely populated Sinai has some of Egypt's most lucrative tourist spots, as well as being home to a mostly poor and disaffected Bedouin population.

As in the case of the two American women who were abducted last week, and reportedly well-treated, it is unlikely that Egyptian authorities are going to release prisoners doing hard time.

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