Sunday, February 19, 2012

Traveler's Alert: 24-Hour Ground Workers Strike at Frankfurt Airport on 2/20

GdF, a union representing ground workers at Germany's Frankfurt Airport has announced that some 200 workers they will go on strike for 24 hours from 0400 GMT on Monday (February 20) until the same time on 2/21.

A press spokesperson said the airport will be able to handle only about 70% of the 1,250 scheduled flights for Monday because of the strike, suggesting that as many as 400 flights might have to be canceled. As a result, flight delays could add to travelers' normal frustration.

COMMENT: The ground workers already staged two shorter walkouts Thursday and Friday (February 16-17), forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights each time. Airlines were still able to operate more than half of their scheduled flights, canceling mostly short and mid-range flights.

GdF, which also represents air traffic controllers, represents ground workers as well. The company has refused to accept the result of an arbitration panel, leading to the strike.

It is suggested that air travelers who will be going through FRA on Monday should promptly contact their carrier or travel agent and take steps to shift their transit to Tuesday or Wednesday, if at all possible to avoid significant delays or cancellations.

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