Monday, February 13, 2012

Truck Driver in Phuket Who Killed Four Swedes, Driver in Hit-and-Run Gets Bail

As a follow-up to my February 3 posting, Muhummadyukee Jehyusoh, 27, the driver of a fish delivery truck who killed four Swedish tourists and their Thai driver on February 2 in a hit-and-run accident has been released on bail! No wonder a large percentage of commercial drivers in Thailand leave the scene of the accident.

Although the driver surrendered himself to police on February 3, it is incomprehensible that a hit-and-run driver in any country would be released on bail after leaving five people dead. To make matters worse, bail was set at a mere US$10,000 (or 300,000 baht).

COMMENT: The driver will appear in court on Tuesday (February 14). He has yet and to satisfactorily explain what caused him to careen across a median strip and collide into a
Toyota Altis, killing five.

Without question, this "accident" has once again turned the spotlight on Phuket as a safe tourist destination, where taking five lives has few consequences.

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