Thursday, February 23, 2012

Uganda: American Producer Dies from Drug Overdose, Assistant in Coma

American television producer Jeff Rice was found dead in a hotel in Kampala on Friday. Pending the results of an autopsy, initial cause of death is linked to a cocaine overdose. Additionally, his assistant, Katheryne Fuller, was found unconscious and is now recovering at a local hospital.

Hotel staff became aware of what happened when a man was seen on Rice's balcony. When they went to the room, they found Rice’s body on the balcony and Fuller lying in the room. Police are hopeful that Ms. Fuller will be able to shed some light on what happened to both her and Rice once she recovers and is is lucid enough to speak with police.

COMMENT: Rice was a veteran producer who worked on the latest season of the hit reality series “The Amazing Race,” and the Emmy-nominated Animal Planet series “Whale Wars.” In addition to raising two young kids, he and his wife, Sally Blackman, operated a television and film production company called SB Productions in Durban, South Africa. Fuller was an employee of their company.

This incident will be updated as more information is released; however, in the interim, it is unwise for foreigners to engage in illegal drug use in countries where the use of such drugs bring with it lengthy prison time, particularly for non-citizens.

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