Monday, February 20, 2012

Update: British Driver Indicted in Death of Teacher, Injury to 23 Passengers

As a follow-up to my posting yesterday (February 19), concerning a tour bus that originated in the UK (Birmingham) to take some 42 people (including students, two drivers , ski instructors and teachers to an Italian ski resort, one of the two drivers of the coach has been indicted in France [earlier today] on charges of manslaughter and "inflicting involuntary injuries."

In addition to one fatality, six passengers also sustained critical injuries.

The accident took place in northern France, near Reims, when the driver, 47, who has been indicted, dozed off, causing the tour bus to leave the roadway and crash.

COMMENT: Now, here's the interesting part. Rather than being taken into custody by French police on the basis of the manslaughter charge, the drive was told that he could return to the UK, but will have to "inform the judge of any travel outside of Britain, is forbidden from contacting victims or their relatives and forbidden from driving in France."

Forgive me, but being responsible for the death of at least one person, serious injury to six passengers and injuries to seventeen others somehow seems worthy of incarceration pending trial.

Clearly, the judge in the case is expecting a great deal of voluntary obedience from a commercial driver who is facing serious charges and claims.

To make matters worse, witnesses on the roadway observed the bus swerving erratically as the speedometer revealed excessively high speeds in the minutes before the crash.

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