Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update: French Photographer Stabbed to Death for Resisting Robbery

As a follow-up to my posting yesterday (February 7), the arrested suspect in the stabbing murder of French citizen Laurent Schwebel, 52, Ramón Victor Giménez, 24, has refused to testify on the advice of counsel as to the facts which led up to Schwebel's murder.

Giménez, who has a criminal record, stabbed Schwebel's numerous times when he refused to give up his camera in the Plaza San Martin Square, in the neighborhood of Retiro.

COMMENT: Prosecutors are currently determining how to charge Giménez, considering that he was also responsible for killing Schwebel, when he resisted the robbery. Logically, the defendant could easily face a life sentence in prison.

I will reemphasize the comment I made yesterday, for the benefit of our readers, it is never wise to resist an armed robbery over replaceable property, particularly when the victim is outnumbered.

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