Sunday, February 12, 2012

Update: Kidnapped South Koreans, Guide Released by Armed Bedouins in Egypt

Three South Koreans (two men and one woman) and their Egyptian guide, who were kidnapped by Bedouin gunmen on Friday (February 10) in the Sinai Peninsula, have reportedly been released and are unharmed. The group was abducted while visiting the Monastery of St. Catherine.

The four that were kidnapped were pulled from a tour bus of some 31 tourists visiting Christian pilgrimage sites. Their captors had demanded the release of a fellow tribesman who was being held in prison by Egyptian authorities.

COMMENT: The four captives were released at 2035 hours on Saturday (February 11). They will continue on with their ten-day visit to Israel and Jordan before returning home.

It was not disclosed whether the imprisoned tribesman that the Bedouins were demanding be released, was freed.

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