Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update: New Developments in De Grazia Investigation in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires City Judge Juan Ramos Padilla, who is currently investigating the leaking of photographs of the corpse of late model Jazmín De Grazia by federal police, has seized 60 mobile phones from police officers connected to the investigation.

More pronounced is the fact that the magistrate has ceased using federal police for the investigation, and is reportedly now using investigators from Argentina’s Naval Prefecture.

COMMENT: The purpose behind the seizure of so many mobile phones is to determine which officers were complicit in the leaking of Ms. De Grazia's crime scene photographs to a Buenos Aires publication last week.

Additionally, Judge Padilla has summoned journalists Jorge Rial and Luis Ventura to be questioned in the matter as well. The Prefecture has also seized and is analyzing the cameras, printers and photographic equipment of the investigation.

Model and journalist Jazmín De Grazia, 27, was found dead in her bathtub in her apartment in the suburb of Recoleta on February 5.

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