Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update: Police, Firefighter Strike in Rio Continues as Carnival Approaches

As a follow-up to my posting yesterday (February 10), concerning the impending strike by police and firefighters in Rio de Janeiro, one week before Carnival, it appears that the strike remains underway and may well jeopardize the annual festivities, forcing the city to deploy Brazilian soldiers into the streets to maintain order.

COMMENT: The recent experience with the police strike in Salvador da Bahia revealed that street violence rose dramatically while the police were on strike.

As I mentioned in yesterday's posting, if the police and firefighter strike continues into Carnival (February 18-21), I would suggest that international travelers and even those resident in Brazil give cautious thought to not attending the events, as the level of crime and violence is surely to rise beyond what is normally expected.

I will keep our readers abreast of developments in the strike each day, as we approach Carnival.

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