Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update: Premature IED Detonation in Bangkok Has Similar Design to Attacks on Israeli Diplomats

Israel's ambassador to Thailand Itzhak Shoham said earlier today (February 15) that the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) found in a rented house in Bangkok this week have similar design components to those used to target Israeli diplomatic vehicles in Tblisi and New Delhi, although this has not been confirmed.

Nevertheless, the central theme of Ambassador Shoham's message was that the IEDs in all three cities are linked to an Iranian connection, particularly considering that the suspects in the Bangkok detonation are Iranian.

COMMENT: The "sticky" bomb referred to in the media is simply an improvised version of the rudimentary "sticky" bomb of World War II fame, that was often used against bunkers, vehicles and tanks. The one central design in all three incidents was the use of magnetized IEDs that can be quickly and covertly affixed to the vehicles of targets.

It is very clear to anyone above the age of reason as to how Iran feels about Israel. Within the confines of senior government officials in Iran, there is a belief that Israel or the US may have been behind the assassination of Iranian scientists working to enhance Iran's nuclear capability. Unfortunately, though, evidence of such linkage has not been made public, if it exists at all.

As background, on Monday (February 13) a vehicle-borne IED detonated in New Delhi, wounding a driver and a diplomat's spouse. On the same day, in Tblisi, bombers had placed an IED on the car of a driver for the Israeli Embassy, but it was found and rendered safe before it detonated.

Late yesterday (February 14), Thai authorities confirmed that the Iranians taken into custody confessed to targeting Israeli interests. The suspects are identified as Saeid Moradi, who lost at least one leg in a self-inflicted grenade blast as he attempted to flee police, and Mohummad Hazaei, who was detained Tuesday as he tried to board a flight to Malaysia.

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