Monday, February 20, 2012

Update: Seventeen Stolen Costa Rican Police Pistols Found in Panama

As a follow-up to my series of postings on the January 30 stolen from Costa Rica's Traffic Police in San José, seventeen of the 9mm Glock pistols (out of 215) have been found in Panama.

On Friday (February 17), the Panamanian National Police announced that a raid resulted in the discovery of seventeen of the semi-auto pistols, at which time two suspects were taken into custody.

COMMENT: On February 3, Costa Rican police also recovered 56 of the pistols pistols in a raid in San José. They are still searching for the remaining ones. Thieves also stole bulletproof vests and police uniforms, which were slated to be put into service by members of the Traffic Police.

The director of the Traffic Police, César Quirós, and three other officers were suspended on February 2, because they failed to fulfill their responsibilities to properly safeguard the firearms.

As a side comment, in the US, RARELY are public officials held to the same standard as they are in Costa Rica. Hence, the US Government could easily learn a tip or two from their Costa Rican counterparts.

Unless the massive theft was an "inside job," it is relatively easy, and inexpensive, to safeguard handguns, so hopefully procedures and deterrents aimed at protecting police firearms and equipment in the future have already been put into place.

Thus far, Costa Rican police have made no arrests in connection with who was responsible for the theft of the large cache of police pistols in the first place.

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