Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update/Cambodia: Bus Company That Killed Russian Tourist Had History of Accidents

As a follow-up to my posting yesterday (February 28) concerning the Russian tourist, 23, who was killed and others seriously injured because of excessive speed and a blown-out tire, had a history of accidents involving fatalities in the past.

The accident occurred late Tuesday evening while the bus was traveling between the coastal resort town of Sihanoukville and Koh Kong town, which borders Thailand.

COMMENT: As reported yesterday, the driver of the Paramount Angkor Express fled the scene after the accident and is still missing. According to local media, the company’s buses were involved in at least four accidents last year [2011] that killed four people. Its sister company was involved in seven crashes in which six people died.

As mentioned yesterday and previously, bus travel in developing nations is a high-risk activity under the best of circumstances.

Although tourists, particularly those in a group, often want to travel by bus so they can chat and experience travel together, given the high rate of accidents of tour buses, this thinking may warrant reevaluation as to its value.

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