Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update/Clarification: Italian Marines Shoot, Kill Unarmed Indian Fishermen

As a follow-up to my posting of yesterday (February 20) and my thoughts on how India and Italy can strategically head-off a deterioration of their relationship over the shooting and killing of two unarmed Indian fisherman by Italian Marines on February 15, I should clarify that there is a dispute between the two governments as to whether or not the Enrica Lexie was in international waters.

COMMENT: In the meantime, it appears that the two Marines, who were assigned aboard the Naples-registered oil tanker to protect the vessel from pirates, will be held in custody by the Indian government until at least March 5.

India contends that the two fisherman, ages 48 and 25, were in Indian waters off the Neendakara coast in Kollam district when the fisherman were killed.

At the moment, the "Enrica Lexie" remains under the control of the Indian Coast Guard; it is unlikely it will be released until the investigations and other legal proceedings are completed pertaining to the shooting death of the fishermen.

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