Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update/Correction: Chinese Tourist, Local Translator Murdered by Pakistani Gunman

As a follow-up to yesterday's (February 28) posting, there were not two assailants who shot and killed Chinese tourist, Hua Jiang, 40, and Suleman Shams, 22, a Pakistani translator, but only one.

Additionally, the assailant was not on a motorbike, but on foot, who disappeared into a crowed market in Peshawar after gunning his targets down. According to witnesses, the assailant fired a total of three shots.

Ms. Hua, a student at the University of Beijing and was presently on a tour to the region. She had visas for Nepal, Cambodia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka on her passport. She arrived in Peshawar on February 26 and was staying at a hotel in Peshawar. Mr. Suleman was a student of the Government College University and resided in the city.

COMMENT: When the news story was first released in local and international media, it was incorrectly reported that there were two assailants, but eye witnesses corrected that inaccuracy.

As with most homicides, bombings and kidnappings in Pakistan, there rarely are arrests of those who actually committed such crimes, largely because most acts of violence are politically motivated.

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