Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update/Indian Ocean: Streak of Bad Luck Continues to Plague Costa Cruises

As a follow-up to my posting on February 27, Passengers aboard the Costa Allegra, owned by Costa Cruises, which is owned by Carnival, began today (February 29) without power and hot food on a stricken cruise-ship Costa cruise ship in the Indian Ocean, on Wednesday, as helicopters airlifted fresh bread to the liner under tow.

An engine room fire on the Costa Allegra neutralized the vessel's main power supply on Monday, disabling the engines in waters known to be an operating area for regional pirates.

COMMENT: At the moment, the ship is scheduled to arrive in Victoria in the Seychelles at approximately 0900 hours tomorrow (March 1). A French deep sea tuna trawler dwarfed by the liner, is pulling the Costa Allegra along at a speed of six knots. A military aircraft is also flying in support of the operation.

A team from Costa Cruises is expected to board the "Costa Allegra" later today to make arrangements for hotel accommodation and onward flights for the 636 passengers and 413 crew once they reach the Seychelles.

With no lights working aboard the ship whatsoever, the company has also reportedly provided hundreds of flashlights to passengers and crew members for illumination.

The passengers are from 25 different countries, with the largest groupings being from France with 127 passengers and 126 from Italy. There are also 38 Germans, 31 Britons, 13 Canadians and eight Americans aboard the vessel.

As is well-known, last week another Costa cruise-ship, the "Costa Splendor," had 22 of its passengers robbed at gunpoint while on a hike in Puerto Vallarta. Most noteworthy is the running aground of the "Costa Concordia," off the coast of Italy last month, claiming the lives of two dozen souls.

Carnival, which touts itself as being the largest cruise-ship line in the world, hopefully will begin to focus more on quality and safety of the cruise experience, rather than simply numbers on a spreadsheet.

It is also hoped that all of the passengers aboard the "Costa Allegra" receive a full refund for their cruising experience of a lifetime, at a minimum.

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