Friday, February 24, 2012

Update/Thailand: Virtual News Blackout in Case of Murdered US Businesswoman

It has often been said that once the public has been made aware of a tragic event by international and national media, it is already too late to suddenly impose a media blackout. Yet, that appears to be what is occurring in the brutal murder of Tampa-based American businesswoman Wendy Albano, 51, nearly two weeks ago. Please see my previous postings.

The last media coverage that contained any detail at all was on February 12, when Ms. Albano's boyfriend, Sang-Hvi Ritesh Nar-Patraj, 26, an Indian national, was seen on surveillance cameras leaving the Fraser Suites in Bangkok, where the couple had been sharing a room, only to later leave Bangkok Airport for points unknown.

Since then, there has been scant information released by anyone concerning the investigation.

COMMENT: If Nar-Patraj had been arrested following an INTERPOL alert worldwide, clearly such news would have been reported. Yet, given the capability of law enforcement agencies to track suspects via credit card transactions and airline manifests, it is surprising that virtually no leads have been reported in order to manage rumor control involving a case of considerable public interest.

If Nar-Patraj in fact murdered Albano he might well have shifted to the use of cash, but unless he already had large sums of hard currency in hand prior to the murder, he would still have to rely on ATMs to obtain more cash to facilitate his escape.

As long ago as two weeks, close family and friends intimated that Ms. Albano may have planned to break up with Nar-Patraj on her visit to Thailand, who was not only her boyfriend, but a business partner as well.

Police theorize that the couple may well have had an argument before the suspect left the Frazer and headed for the airport.

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