Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Americas: Internal Polls Reveal Popularity of Regional Presidents

Based upon local approval ratings of presidents in the Americas conducted by the Mexican polling firm, Consulta Mitofsky, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is considered to be the most popular head of state in the region, with an 81% approval rating. At the bottom of the list is Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla, with a rating of 26%.

The study collected data from 19 countries to create a list divided into five categories of approval: outstanding, high, medium, low and very low. 

US President Barack Obama ranked 11th with 48% approval compared to and Canada's Stephen Harper, who was ranked 15th at 41%. 

The complete list of heads of state, in order of popularity, include:

1. Rafael Correa, Ecuador
2. Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia
3. Mauricio Funes, El Salvador
4. Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua
5. Ollanta Humala, Perú
6. Dilma Rousseff, Brazil
7. Hugo Chávez, Venezuela
8. Cristina Kirchner, Argentina
9. Leonel Fernández, Dominican Republic
10. Felipe Calderón, México
11. Barack Obama, United States
12. Porfirio Lobo, Honduras
13. Fernando Lugo, Paraguay
14. José Mujica, Uruguay
15. Stephen Harper, Canada
16. Evo Morales, Bolivia
17. Ricardo Martinelli, Panama
18. Sebastián Piñera, Chile
19. Laura Chinchilla, Costa Rica

COMMENT: Our readers should keep in mind that approval ratings are based solely on  popularity internal to the country and not a mean based on regional popularity.