Friday, April 27, 2012

Argentina: Airport Arrests Emphasize Need for Travelers to Safeguard Valuables

Fifteen employees from the service staff at Buenos Aires' Ezeiza International Airport were arrested yesterday (April 24) for complicity in stealing valuables from passenger’s luggage, such as smart-phones, laptops and iPads  and similar devices and selling them on the black market.

COMMENT: The arrests came after the Airport Security Police (PSA) carried out twenty raids in search of evidence. The suspects worked for service providers Intercargo, Lan, Flyin Services y Sky Chefs companies.

Travelers are reminded to carry ALL valuables in their carry-on luggage and not place them in checked baggage, given the high risk of in-transit theft and larceny. As I have mentioned before, international insurance coverage is available through to cover the theft of laptops, iPads, video players and even digital cameras.