Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bermuda: Tourists Continue to Be Victimized

In recent months I have filed a number of postings on increased crimes against tourists in Bermuda, which like nearly every other travel destination, is seeing a spike in economic crime as the global recession continues to worsen.

Last week, Denzil Chase, 18, who was on bail awaiting sentence for a another crime, was remanded over for trial after stealing a purse on April 5, from a Silver Spring, MD woman who was walking with sister and father near Crystal Caves when she felt someone pulling on her purse at midday. She suddenly realized that two men on a motorcycle had grabbed her purse as they drove by. Fortunately, though, a witness was able to note the vehicle's plate number.

COMMENT: Promptly notifying police, the victim reported that she lost her purse, an iPod and some US$250 in cash. Police subsequently observed two riders on a motorcycle who matched the description of the thieves, riding at high speed on Panorama Drive. Unfortunately for the criminals, they ran into a police vehicle and were arrested.

Tourists and travelers everywhere are urged to not carry valuables they don't need on the street and to carry as little cash as possible, relying on ATMs for small amounts of cash as needed.

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