Thursday, April 12, 2012

Colombia: Spanish, Colombian Police Seize US, Euro Counterfeiting Operation

According to EFE, the combined efforts of Spanish and Colombian police and EUROPOL agents seized counterfeiting equipment in Bogotá on April 11 that was to be used to circulate as much as 500,000 euros worth of bogus notes in Europe.

Additionally, a suspect purportedly responsible for replicating counterfeit 100- and 50-euro banknotes as well as counterfeit US currency at his home in the capital was arrested in the joint police operation.

According to Spanish police, a new counterfeiting technique not previously used before was to be used to print 100-euro ($131) notes.

COMMENT: According to the counterfeiter's scheme, the counterfeit currency was to be sent to Europe via air mail or by Colombian citizens who would later put the counterfeit notes into circulation.

The joint investigation was initiated months ago by the Spanish National Police force’s Banco de España Investigation Brigade and other police units in Colombia and Spain.

The agents learned that the detainee had been planning to move the press to another property for security reasons and decided to arrest him at the home, where they found 447,770 euros and US$101,100 in counterfeit bills.

In addition to the bogus banknotes, authorities seized three computers, three printers, two paper cutters, a large quantity of printing paper, numerous jars of different-colored ink and counterfeiting software.

For the benefit of our readers, the below link is useful in identifying both counterfeit euro notes as well as US currency:

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