Friday, April 27, 2012

Costa Rica: 140 Stolen Glock 9mm Pistols Still Missing

As a follow-up to my series of postings (see February 20, 2012) on the theft of 215 Glock 9mm semi-auto pistols that were slated to be distributed to the Traffic Police, the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) arrested four suspects this week in connection with the theft.

The pistols, worth ₡83 million ($75,084), were stolen from a Ministry of Transport warehouse in San José in January, with few details disclosed as to whether the warehouse was burglarized or forcibly entered into to steal the firearms.

COMMENT: Thus far, 58 of the pistols were found in the search of a San José home north of the capital, while another seventeen Glocks were recovered in neighboring Panamá. Needless to say, no details have been offered as to who originally stole the weapons or how they fell into the hands of intermediaries. 

Unfortunately, the Public Security Ministry has very been reluctant to provide the media any details on how the theft actually occurred or the results of any forensic evidence that was collected, if it was collected at all. Nor has the Costa Rican government released any information as to culpability on the part of those responsible for safeguarding the firearms.

Generally speaking, government firearms are afforded the highest levels of security to include the use of a vaulted area, a series of gun safes and/or storage areas protected with a central station alarm. No details have been released as to whether any of these measures were in place.