Monday, April 30, 2012

Malaysia: Dutch Expat's Son, 12, Kidnapped Near Capital

Nayati Moodliar, 12, the son of a Dutch expatriate living in Kuala Lumpur, was walking to  the Mont Kiara International School on Friday (April 27), where he was a student, when he was suddenly intercepted and kidnapped by two unidentified men who drove him away in a car.

COMMENT: Local media made no reference as to whether the boy's family has heard from those responsible for the kidnapping or whether there has been a ransom demand. 

Although the kidnapping of children for ransom is commonplace worldwide, although much less so in developed nations, it is relatively rare in Malaysia. Presumably police will be looking for a motive, including economic gain. Often the children of expatriates are abducted as a grudge over business disputes or personal conflicts.

It should be noted that the children of parents who attend international schools normally are either from diplomatic or business families, who although not wealthy, do have financial means. Given the possible targeting of such children, it is not normal practice for children attending such schools to walk alone to school, even if their homes are nearby, given general security threats.

This incident will be updated as new information becomes available.