Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mali: AQIM, Tuareg Rebels Kidnap Swiss Expat

A Swiss woman, age unknown, who was staying in Timbuktu was kidnapped by armed Tuareg rebels and alleged members of al-Qaeda's Northern African franchise, AQIM, on Sunday, (April 15).

A mix of Tuareg separatist and AQIM operatives seized control of Timbuktu on April 1, in the final stage of their advance southwards through Mali's desert north, as government forces retreated in the chaotic aftermath of a coup in the capital.

COMMENT: The Swiss woman reportedly is a missionary and according to local reports was attempting to convert Malians to Christianity, a serious provocation in the eyes of Muslims.

As most of our readers know, most foreign governments have been urging their nationals for weeks, due to the clear and present kidnap threats in Mali, and particularly since coup. The Swiss kidnap victim apparently is one of the few who refused to leave the country.

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