Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maryland: Police Arrest 4th Suspect in Assault, Robbery of Tourist, Witnesses Take No Action

As a follow-up to my recent postings in the case of bystanders who failed to come to the aid of an Alexandria, VA tourist who was assaulted, robbed and stripped of everything he had in Baltimore on March 18, the Baltimore Police Department is to be commended for its fourth and final arrest of those complicit in the attack. All four suspects have been remanded into custody and have been charged with assault and robbery.

COMMENT: This case was particularly repugnant considering that it highlighted the lack of citizenship on the part of a large number of bystanders who saw the victim attacked, but who did nothing, and instead laughed at the victim's plight. Unfortunately, most of the bystanders took footage of the attack and distributed it as being comedic on the Internet, yet such coverage gave Baltimore police valuable leads which resulted in the suspects' arrest.

Even though I have spent the majority of my living and working abroad, I was born and raised in the US. That being said, I find it disgusting that so many Americans today have little compassion for the misfortune of others and generally speaking fail to life a hand to those needing help. It is very sad and is not reflective of the country I grew up in.

Not only was the victim in this case knocked to the ground without provocation, but the assailants took advantage of him as he was intoxicated from St. Patrick's Day celebration. In addition to being assaulted and robbed, he was also stripped of his clothing and left naked on the street. Additionally, he was robbed of his wallet, car keys, a $1,300 watch and an iPhone.

Tourists and travelers alike are reminded that globally, the theft of smart phones is dramatically on the rise. Consequently, it is suggested that users make calls and text in safe surroundings, rather than assuming that they can call and text from anywhere risk-free.

As for watches, in our increasingly unpredictable, perilous and crime-prone society, I strongly discourage pedestrians from wearing expensive or expensive-looking watches (that includes "knock-offs"). I have worn a $25 Casio athletic watch for decades, at home and abroad, and no one has ever robbed me of it:). 

Finally, we are all at greater risk of robbery and other crimes when we're intoxicated, which is why I have consistently urged our readers to drink in moderation.