Saturday, April 21, 2012

Panamá: Carnival Corp. Launches Investigation into Why Cruise-ship Did Not Stop for Distressed Vessel

As a follow-up to my April 19 posting concerning a Carnival Corporation cruise-ship which failed to stop and render aid to a distressed fishing boat on the high seas, causing the death of two fishermen, Carnival has launched an internal investigation to determine why the Star Princess did not stop for the adrift vessel after a passenger attempted to report the matter to the captain, Edward Perrin, but could not gain access to him.

COMMENT: As I stated in my earlier posting, no captain should be so inaccessible to receive a passenger's observance of a boat in distress.

This is a rudimentary precept that all novice and professional sailors learn early in their training.

Minimally, Carnival should financially make things "right" with the families of the two fishermen that died because of the Star Princess' failure to stop and rescue the fishermen.

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