Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Puerto Rico: American Medical Student, 29, Assailed on Vieques, Suspects Arrested

An American medical student, 29, from Baltimore, MD, sustained a brutal beating on Vieques Island's Coconut Beach on Saturday (March 31). The victim was found Saturday morning on the beach by one of her female friends; she was discovered to be naked from the waist down and dazed from a blunt trauma injury to her head. She was subsequently rushed to the San Juan Medical Center.

COMMENT: Health authorities gave no details about whether the victims was sexually assaulted and said that the matter is being handled by the Forensic Sciences Institute. Nevertheless, three suspects (two of them from the Mainland), were arrested on Sunday (April 1) in connection with the attack.

As a reminder to our readers, Puerto Rico has one of the highest per capita rates of homicide in the US and its territories with most Part I offenses being high as well.

Additionally, from a standpoint of street violence, Puerto Rico is one of the highest risk destinations in the Caribbean. Friends are urged to stay together, particularly late at night.

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