Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reuters Report: "Sleepy Air Canada Pilot Thought Venus Was Approaching Aircraft"

For the benefit of our readers, below is a link to an excellent Reuters report which describes sleep inertia on the part of an Air Canada trans-Atlantic co-pilot who awoke suddenly from a nap (while the captain was controlling the aircraft) and thought that Venus was an approaching aircraft on a collision course.

The January 2011 incident aboard a Boeing 767 injured sixteen people aboard the aircraft when the airliner suddenly dove to avoid a perceived collision which was imaginary.


COMMENT: What is most noteworthy in the Reuter's report is the fact that Air Canada has two flight officers aboard trans-Atlantic flights compared to three aboard US carriers on similar flights to ensure that pilots are well-rested.

Canada's Transportation Safety Board (TSB) analysis also revealed that the co-pilot had napped for nearly 75 minutes in violation of Air Canada's maximum of 40 minutes, to preclude pilots dropping into a deep sleep.

For a complete copy of the TSB report, go to:

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