Friday, April 13, 2012

Thailand: Australian Tourist, 23, Raped by Two Thais in Phuket

According to a report contained in The Phuket News (, a former security guard at a Phuket nightclub, admitted that he and another Thai national raped a 23-year-old Australian tourist yesterday (April 12).

After Theerasak Bhutrach, 26, was arrested later in the day, he told Patong [Phuket] police that he met the woman at the Grabana Grus Nightclub on Soi Bangla during the early morning hours of Thursday at which point the two talked and drank until 0430 hours, at which point Theerasak took the tourist to a nearby hotel.

Once at the hotel, the assailant threatened the woman with violence and raped her against her will and then called a friend, who came to the hotel and also raped the young woman.

COMMENT: The victim later told Patong police that both men threatened her with violence if she did not agree to being violated. After being raped by both men, she begged her assailants to release her, which they eventually did.

Fortunately, the majority of hotels in Phuket are equipped with surveillance cameras. As a result, such footage led to Theerasak's arrest; the other assailant is being sought by police.

As I have commented numerous times in the past, both Pattaya and Phuket are not good places for solo tourists. For one thing, both resorts increasingly are developing reputations as being rather seedy, particularly at night, where residents and tourists alike prey on the vulnerable.

Tourists that are alone in two of Southeastern Asia's leading tourist magnets increasingly puts them at risk of substance abuse and sexual opportunism, neither of which mix very well.

On the other hand, solo tourists invariably seek out destinations such as Pattaya and Phuket, largely because of the search for adventure and excess. Often, though, the search for excess can have bad results, which is why moderation and personal security awareness are both critically important, particularly for solo travelers.

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