Tuesday, April 24, 2012

UK: British Diplomat Attacked, Robbed in West London, Loses Sight in One Eye

George Fergusson, 56, a senior British diplomat currently assigned to the Foreign Office in London  was viciously mugged on Friday (April 20) while walking through Margravine Cemetery in West London.

As a result of several powerful blows to the face from his assailant, Fergusson lost the sight in his left eye. After being robbed of 50 pounds (US$80), the victim was able to walk to a nearby hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, emergency room physicians were not able to save the sight in his eye.

Fergusson, who has been assigned to Bermuda as governor, along with his wife, Margaret, intends to leave for Bermuda next month.

COMMENT: On Sunday (April 22), the Metropolitan Police arrested a 29-year-old suspect in the robbery and assault of Mr. Fergusson.

Fergusson previously served as Governor of the Pitcairn Islands and high commissioner to New Zealand and Samoa. Additionally, he held responsibilities for a number of regional departments in London. The governorship of Bermuda is considered to be a coveted assignment in the British Foreign Service.

The attack on Fergusson is a reminder to both tourists and business travelers alike that violent crime has risen dramatically in London in recent years, which mandates that pedestrians not wear expensive-looking jewelry or carry large sums of money on their person and to exercise proactive security awareness at all times.