Sunday, April 15, 2012

US: Baltimore Police Charge One of Three Suspects Videotaped Assaulting Tourist

As a follow-up to my April 7 posting entitled, "Maryland: Tourist Attacked, Robbed & Stripped in Baltimore, No Aid Given," the Baltimore Police Department charged Aaron Parsons, 21, one of three suspects in the widely videotaped incident, charged Parsons late on Friday (April 13) after he surrendered to police.

COMMENT: Parsons has been charged with robbery, assault and other crimes. Despite the videotape, he has pleaded not guilty. One can only hope that the other two suspects in the attack, cowards as they are, will soon be arrested.

This unprovoked attack remains to be a sad commentary on how few honorable citizens there are in American society, who will stand by and laugh and jeer at the misfortune of a tourist, and not lift a hand to help.

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