Monday, April 9, 2012

Venezuela: Costa Rican Diplomat Kidnapped in Caracas

Guillermo Cholele, a diplomat with the Costa Rican Embassy in Caracas was reportedly intercepted by a group of gunmen on Sunday night (April 8) as he was driving home and forced into a truck, according to the Public Ministry.

A subsequent call to the diplomat's home by someone claiming to represent the kidnappers said that he was in good condition and demanded an undisclosed amount of money in exchange for Cholele's release.

COMMENT: The kidnapping comes less than a month after a Chilean diplomat's daughter was shot and killed by local police. In January, México's ambassador to Venezuela and his wife were kidnapped in Caracas and were released after paying an undisclosed ransom.

Armed carjackings and kidnappings are a frequent occurrence throughout Venezuela, as the number of cops committing crimes continues to rise.

Visitors and residents alike are also urged to form a family plan on how they will logistically pay a ransom. Those targeted for both kidnappings and carjackings should not resist. For the benefit of out readers, my two-day on-site consultation entitled "Armed Carjacking and Kidnapping: Understanding, Prevention and Response," can be provided anywhere in the world.

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