Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jamaica: American Tourist, 48, Killed by Minibus Driver Near Montego Bay

According to the Associated Press, Jamaican police report that a US tourist, Latanya Shivers, 48,  died after being hit by a minibus near the tourist resort of Montego Bay on Friday (May 18). The woman resided in the state of Ohio.

COMMENT: The minibus driver apparently lost control of his vehicle and hit Shivers and another man who were part of a group standing on a sidewalk. They said Shivers died while receiving medical treatment at the hospital. The man who was also hit is expected to survive. Unfortunately, the driver of the minibus has not as yet been charged.

As I have mentioned in previous postings in the past, such accidents are commonplace in developing nations, which is why I always urge foreign tourists and travelers to ensure that they have subscribed to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage before departure from home.