Friday, May 4, 2012

Australia: Update on Rape of Two German Tourists in Alice Springs

As a follow-up to yesterday's posting regarding the rape of two German tourists, ages 21 and 28, in Alice Springs, who were attacked by three Aboriginals on Wednesday (May 2), the three assailants responsible for the attacks are now in police custody.

One of the assailants was armed with a rifle when the three men broke into the tourist's locked vehicle while they were sleeping during the early morning hours of Wednesday.

COMMENT:  Understandably, even though the two victims were not badly harmed physically, both were severely traumatized.

Alice Springs, the mid-point in the 3 000-kilometer (1,84-mile) train or road journey from Adelaide to Darwin, has an unofficial curfew on account of the high level of crime and violence that plagues its  predominantly Aboriginal citizens and the tourists passing through.

The risk of crime during the hours of darkness was highlighted on Wednesday as well by a police report that another German tourist, 43, was physically assaulted and robbed near his hotel. A teenager has also been arrested in that case.

As I mentioned yesterday, foreign tourists and travelers are advised that the impact of the global recession is being felt on a global level. Consequently, visitors are urged not to camp out-of-doors, sleep in locked cars or in areas where they may be vulnerable to violent crime. It is also suggested that particularly in Alice Springs, walking at night is discouraged.