Sunday, May 6, 2012

California: Canadian Tourist, 28, Victim of Con Game, Robbed

A Canadian tourist, 28, was reportedly conned by two con men early on Saturday (May 5) while partying with friends in San Francisco.

While at a downtown nightclub, the man befriended two men who subsequently invited him to an after-hours party in Vallejo. A short time later, the Canadian got into the car belonging to his new friends. Minutes later, one of the two men brandished a handgun at the Canadian and demanded all of his valuables.

COMMENT: Wisely, the Canadian complied and was then dropped off in an area he was unfamiliar with at which point police were called to the scene where they took a report of an armed robbery. The victim was not harmed, largely because he complied with their demands.

Such schemes as the one described above are very common and occur frequently for solo, unsuspecting tourists and travelers.

As I have often mentioned in other postings, partying in moderation is a good thing, but drinking too much can quickly skew one's judgment, particularly in unfamiliar surroundings. Clearly, when in the company of known friends, it is often unwise to leave with unknown strangers, not knowing their motivation.