Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Egypt: Tire on Tour Bus Blows, Bus Rolls Over, 14 Tourists Injured

A bus transporting tourists from St. Catherine Monastery in the Sinai Peninsula to Sharm-el-Sheikh (220 kilometers away) blew a tire yesterday (May 29) and rolled over several times, injuring some fourteen tourists from Russia, Germany, China and Egypt. 

COMMENT: Fortunately, most of those injured in the "accident" were severely bruised, although given the trajectory of the roll-over it is possible that post-accident neck and back injuries may later be reported. 

Given the poor state of road safety in Egypt, it is very possible that the bus transporting the tourists had tires in need of replacement. In contrast to most accidents in developing countries, though, the driver did not flee the scene after the bus rolled over.

One of the biggest risks abroad for both travelers and tourists in developing countries concerns bus accidents which are often influenced by poorly maintained vehicles, hazardous road conditions and inexperienced and fatigued drivers whose only requirement is that they have normal pulmonary function.

The single blessing in this case is that no one was seriously injured.