Friday, May 11, 2012

India: Dutch Tourist Molested in Emergency Room by Man Impersonating Physician

A Dutch tourist who fell ill in New Delhi on Monday (May 7) was reportedly molested by a Delhi University student impersonating a physician at the Lady Hardinge Hospital.

The woman, who went to the emergency room at roughly 0430 hours, was awaiting treatment when a man, also awaiting treatment, approached the woman and under the ruse of  claiming to be a doctor, began examining her, at which point he began to molest her. When the victim resisted his advances and began to shout for help, hospital staff promptly came to her aid.

When nurses pressed the man for his identification as a doctor he attempted to escape from the hospital, but was quickly detained until police arrived, at which point he was arrested and charged. Sadly, he was then released on bail.

COMMENT: As many of our regular readers know, I strongly recommend that all foreign travelers NOT leave home until they have subscribed to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage, in the event they become ill or are injured while abroad.

The benefit of such service, which can run as little as US$8 a day, is that the service includes referral to VETTED medical providers in the country, as opposed to going to a local hospital's emergency room, where treatment can often be inferior, particularly in developing countries.

If travelers choose not to subscribe to such coverage, which I strongly recommend against doing, an alternative is asking one's local embassy for a list of recommended medical providers, but do keep in mind that any medical treatment required while a traveler is abroad is withheld until payment has been received, which renders international coverage invaluable.

Lady Hardinge Hospital is a component of Lady Hardinge Medical College (LHMC), located near Connaught Plane in New Delhi.  Established in 1916, it became part of the Delhi University, Faculty of Medical Sciences in 1950. For the teaching and training of medical students, it has two hospitals, Smt. Sucheta Kriplani Hospital, and Kalawati Saran Child Hospital with bed strength of 877 and 350 respectively.