Wednesday, May 9, 2012

México: Five Suspects Arrested in Murder of Canadian Grad Student, Boyfriend

As a follow-up to my January 6 posting, Mexican police have arrested five suspects in connection with the murder of University of British Columbia graduate student Ximena Osegueda, 39, who was brutally murdered in Mexico last year along with her boyfriend, Honoria Santamaria, 38.

Tragically, the couple had disappeared December 14, 2011, yet their remains were not found for a couple of weeks later when they were both found half-buried on a beach in Huatulco, Oaxaca, where Osegueda had been working on her PhD thesis.

On May 7, Mexican authorities announced the arrest of three women and two men, accused of robbery, murder and participating in organized crime, according to CTV British Columbia. Three other suspects  are still being sought.

COMMENT: Both Osegueda and Santamaria had both been stabbed in the neck and their remains had been burned. A new vehicle that the couple had purchased actually led police to the suspects. They found a receipt in the couple's vehicle from a butcher shop, and when investigators went to the store they obtained security footage, which led to the arrest of the suspects.

Osegueda taught undergraduate courses at Universidad del Mar in México and was specializing in colonial Latin American literature, with a focus on México, in her own studies. Previously, she received an undergraduate degree in political science and a graduate degree in Hispanic studies, from McGill University.

Regrettably, the world, both developed and developing, is becoming increasingly perilous and sadly, more violent. In our contemporary times, criminals almost always carry firearms and the reality is that the police cannot be everywhere. Worse, in today's world, few criminals hesitate in killing others, for what they want particularly in México, which has become one of the most violent countries in the world, right below Honduras.

As I have perhaps overly repeated in many of my other postings, and unlike in years past, no matter where we live or travel to, it is essential that all of us have a healthy sense of suspicion of people we don't know and a strong sense of personal security awareness.