Friday, May 4, 2012

México: Trucker Makes Wrong Turn, Faces 30 Years in Prison

US trucker Jabin Bogan, 27,  who was driving a rig to Arizona last month, and who made a wrong turn that placed him on the southbound highway on the Bridge of the Americas, which resulted in his ending up in México, now faces 30 years in a Mexican prison for transporting ammunition that was consigned to a dealer in Phoenix.
According to Bogan's attorney, Carlos Spector, the ammunition on Bogan's drug was of the type not used by Mexican cartels. Moreover, Bogan had already delivered two shipments of appliances to customers in El Paso and was trying to find the third location when he made the wrong turn. 
Unfortunately, Mexican authorities accused Bogan of having a hidden compartment on his truck that concealed AK-47 ammo, yet Spector emphasized that prosecutors in México are already in receipt of invoices and other manifests that prove that the ammunition in Bogan’s truck were intended for a dealer in Phoenix. Besides the ammo, the truck contained three consignments for customers in El Paso.
COMMENT: Unfortunately for Bogan, at the top of most Mexican customs agents' "to-do" list is any ammunition greater than a .22 caliber, which sadly has put Mr. Bogan in very deep trouble. Tragically, the trucker has been remanded into custody and could face up to thirty years in prison for making a very wrong turn.

To make matters worse, the scales of justice are not blind in México, where official corruption has become an institutional art-form. It is also a place where being a defendant AND a US citizen are not good things.

Needless to say, it is also very unlikely that the US Government will intercede on Bogan's behalf.