Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Jersey: Assaliant Who Stabbed, Killed Two Canadian Tourists Remanded

As a follow-up to my posting of May 22, concerning a mentally ill woman, Antoinette Pelzer, 44, who stabbed and murdered two Canadian tourists (Po Lin Wan, 80, and Alice Mei See Leung, 47),  on Monday (May 21) in the casino district of Atlantic City, has been remanded into custody with bail being set at US$1.5 million.

COMMENT: This was a random attack that can only be described as a mother and daughter being in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to Pelzer's mother, Gladys, her daughter suffered from schizophrenia and may not have been taking her medication.

Sadly this sequence of events which led to a very tragic ending for all concerned, brings home lessons learned for all of us:

1. All travelers need to subscribe to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage before leaving home, in the event of a catastrophic medical emergency such as this; and

2. We should NEVER put off ensuring that our last will and testament, medical directive for health care professionals, power of attorney and letter of instruction for executors are in place, because we never know what will happen tomorrow.