Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New York City: Gunshot Wound in Stomach is Not Worth a Necklace

Last Thursday night (May 10), an Italian tourist, Luciano Giuliani, 62, was shot in the stomach after he and his daughter, 28, were accosted at 2150 hours by a lone assailant who grabbed Giuliani's  daughter's necklace and ran off. The incident occurred in Brooklyn.

COMMENT: Although Luciano is to be commended for his loyalty to his daughter, it is doubtful she wanted her father to pursue the suspect and place his life at risk over a necklace.

As most of our readers know, I strongly recommend AGAINST jeopardizing one's life over property that can be replaced, particularly when it is unknown whether the assailant has a firearm.

What Giuliani did not know was that he and his daughter had been confronted by career criminal Tyron Lovick, 36, who had twelve prior arrests. The robbery occurred at the intersection of Green Avenue and Cumberland Street. 

The good news in this case is that Mr. Giuliani not only survived the shooting and is recovering in a city hospital, but Lovick was later arrested by police on the basis of the daughter's description and surveillance video.  

The assailant lost a New York Yankees baseball cap in the struggle with Giuliani; police used the hat to identify him. Lovick was charged with attempted murder.  The gun Lovick used was also recovered. 

Although this event turned out far better than most, Giuliani still could have been killed in the confrontation, which hardly makes the recovery of a necklace and potential loss of life commensurate.