Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Zealand: Update on Rape, Murder of Czech Tourist, Rapist Takes Own Life

As a follow-up to yesterday's posting, police have revealed that assailant Jason Frandi, who spent 3.5 years in prison for a 2000 abduction of a 19-year-old woman for sex, raped and murdered Dagma Pytlickova, aka Dasha, 31, a Czech hitchhiker who Frandi picked up at Omarama and attacked her just half an hour from where she was to meet her sister.

Instead of meeting her sister and friends, Pytlickova was picked up by Frandi, a convicted sexual predator, who abducted the young woman, raped her and then cut her throat in a remote wooded area near Waimate. Her backpack was also found in Frandi's vehicle.

Both victim and rapist were both found dead by a group of motorcyclists on a charity ride.

COMMENT: Preliminary reports from police indicate that Frandi died from self-inflicted wounds. 

Tragic and devastating as this case is to Ms. Pytlickova's family and those that have closely followed this case, we can only hope that tourists and travelers who regularly hitchhike focus on the potentially perilous risk of hitchhiking. Unfortunately, despite many locals who urge visitors NOT to hitchhike, this advice is rarely heeded.

As much as I have loved traveling in New Zealand and find its people charming and friendly, like anywhere, criminals take advantage of the vulnerable and those who seem unconcerned with personal security awareness. Our readers are urged to search my 1,200+ posting under "New Zealand" to learn just how many tourists and travelers have been victimized.