Tuesday, May 15, 2012

South Africa: Tourist from Singapore Requires 60 Stitches Following Lion Cub Attack

According to local media, a tourist from Singapore received 60 stitches on her face following an attack by a one-year-old lion cub while the woman posed with the cub for photos at Tshukudu game lodge near Hoedspruit.

Madelein Querk, 28, and her husband had been touring South Africa for a couple of weeks when the attack occurred, leaving her with four deep cuts, some of which were as long as eight centimeters (three inches) on the left side of her face and and lacerations on her left arm and leg.

COMMENT: The couple will return to Singapore on Thursday (May 17).

As I have noted previously in other postings, game parks worldwide are exciting to visit, particularly for photographers. Yet, having been very close to wild animals in Africa, Asia and Latin America, it is essential that visitors understand that animals found in game parks are WILD. They may appear approachable, but they are NOT domesticated.

When visiting wild animals, never turn your back on them. It is also prudent to wear  apparel that covers both arms and legs.