Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spain: British Tourist, 27, Falls 50 Feet from Balcony, Dies From Her Injuries

An unidentified British woman, 27, has died from multiple fractures sustained when she fell some fifty feet from her hotel balcony in Gran Canaria. The incident occurred in Puerto Rico,  near Maspalomas, according to The Daily Mail.

COMMENT: With summer approaching, and for reasons that are difficult to explain, each year a large number of young adults from Britain are injured or killed from a daring prank that Spaniards refer to as "'balconing," whereby often intoxicated Britons jump from one balcony to another. Nevertheless, foul play and "balconing" has been ruled out in the young woman's case.

Meanwhile, two Britons fell to their deaths from hotel balconies in Magaluf just last week. Last year, more than a dozen Britons fell from hotels in Spain and three died.

Parents everywhere are urged to caution their adult children on the high risk of serious injury or death while "balconing." My prediction is that several other foreign tourists will die in Spain this summer from this high risk game of chance.