Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spain: British Tourist, Frightened by Spider in Suitcase, Falls From 6th Floor Balcony

British tourist Chantelle Serginson, 24, who fell some 80 feet from a guest room balcony in Majorca last Friday (May 25), after allegedly being frightened by a spider she found in her suitcase, is recovering in a local hospital after fracturing both legs and her skull when she fell from the sixth-floor.

Serginson, and her mother, Kimberly, 44, of Middlesbrough, were staying at the Hotel Marina Barracuda in Magaluf, when the accident occurred.

COMMENT: We will probably never know exactly what circumstances caused Chantelle Serginson to fall from the balcony, although press reports suggest that the mother and daughter were having an argument at the time. It is also unknown whether both women were substance-free. Regardless, it is virtual miracle that the British tourist even survived the fall.

Interestingly, five British tourists have fallen from hotel balconies in Magaluf in the past three months, most recently on May 27, when Daniel Geary, 23, fell from the second floor of the Hotel Martinique. Geary landed on his back and was said to be in serious condition at a hospital. Three other Brits have died, all in their 20s. 

Last year, more than a dozen UK tourists travelers fell from balconies in Spain, three of whom were killed. 

Unfortunately, excessive drinking, coupled with a high-risk stunt referred to as "balconing,"whereby party animals jump from one balcony to another or worse, is the attributed cause of many of these accidents. Yet, with safety concerns and intoxication rarely being synonymous, some tourists who "drink and jump" may never return home.

Although words of caution may fall upon deaf ears, parents everywhere should urge their young adult children not to engage in "balconing."