Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thailand: Fate of Three British Students Highlights Risk of Bus Travel

COMMENT: As most of our readers know, one my biggest concerns for international travelers is the continuing risk of injury or death stemming from the use of poorly maintained tour buses driven increasingly by inexperienced, often over tired drivers.

Unfortunately, the link below, from London's Telegraph, offers the details of the tragic deaths of three British students in Thailand on their gap year, who were killed in a preventable accident.

I strongly urge the parents of young adults to try to educate their sons and daughters on the need to take responsibility for their own actions when it comes to making wise choices pertaining to the risks they will face abroad.

Although I remember my youth as if it was yesterday, my Mom always instilled in me the need to make wise choices when it came to my personal safety and security.  Although God rest her soul, she was never fully aware of the high-risk work that I did during my career, I'm alive today thanks to her nurturing counsel.