Sunday, May 27, 2012

US: Brazilians Victimized Every Three Days in Miami, Orlando

Data released by the Consulate General of Brazil in Miami has revealed that every three days, at least one Brazilian tourist becomes a crime victim in Miami or Orlando.

Additionally,  half of the Brazilian traveling to the US visit Florida. Brazilians are also currently purchasing almost a tenth of the houses and apartments being sold in the Miami area and applications for non-immigrant US visas from Brazil have increased 234% in the past five years, according to Time.

It is also a fact that Brazilians tourists come to the US mainly for shopping. In 2010, for example, Brazilians placed third in the spending per person ranking in the US (only behind British and Japanese tourists). In 2010, 1.2 million Brazilians tourists injected $5.9 billion in the US economy.

COMMENT: Unfortunately, murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, theft and auto theft in both Miami and Orlando exceed the national average for these crimes. Both cities also have unemployment levels that exceed the national average.

Even though criminal victimization levels are not available for Britons and Japanese, it is assumed that these nationalities have comparable incidence of crime.

In all of my years in protecting people from crime, the one common thread in all types of victimization includes SECURITY VULNERABILITIES, which results in the commission of a crime. Examples include:

Murder: A shopkeeper walking home at night with the day's cash revenues, being robbed and resisting an armed assailant, resulting in death;

Rape: A woman running alone at night in a high-crime neighborhood, only to be suddenly abducted my assailants in a van and gang-raped;

Robbery: A man wearing a Rolex watch valued at $8,000 in warm weather only to be robbed at gunpoint;

Assault: Two pedestrians being stopped by a mentally ill person demanding money and both being mortally wounded with a butcher knife for not surrendering their valuables;

Burglary: Not having renter's or homeowner's insurance when a home has inferior door and window security and being burglarized;

Theft: Walking into a coffee shop, placing a backpack containing a laptop at a table and chair, only to have it later stolen while visiting the restroom; and

Auto Theft: Leaving one's motor vehicle running in front of a convenience store while running in to make purchases,  and then discovering that the vehicle has been stolen. 

As I have urged in so many of my 1,200 plus postings, no property or valuables are worth our life. The only exception to this rule is resisting sexual assault or rape, where studies have shown that resisting or not resisting does not dramatically influence whether the victim will be harmed or not.

Unfortunately, security vulnerabilities result in criminals being successful at their craft. In all cases above, a lapse in security awareness resulted in the crimes occurring, whereas making prudent choices might well have prevented foreseeable events.

For those traveling to both Miami and Orlando, see the below websites which depicts the physical locations of criminal offenses: