Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bali: Australian Girl, 9, Kidnapped, Raped Near Kuta

An Australian family on holiday in Bali is now facing a traumatic tragedy after their daughter, age 9, was reportedly kidnapped on Sunday night (June 10) from her bedroom (where the family was staying in the popular beach town of Kuta) and raped.

COMMENT: Australian consular officials are working with Indonesia police on Bali and assisting the affected family and their victimized daughter.  From all indications, a suspect in the attack, age 33, has already been arrested, charged and is in custody.

The girl's family, believed to be from the Byron Bay area in northern New South Wales, remains in Bali.

Parents traveling abroad with young children are cautioned to be particularly vigilant in overseeing the security of their children. This should include determining whether exterior door and window security is effective in deterring would-be intruders, criminals and assailants. 

Carrying a portable video surveillance system to safeguard children should also not be ruled out, as in so many developing countries the exploitation of young children is a frequent occurrence.